Hot Take: The Latest in Digital Marketing & Data Analytics News 9/28

Hot Take: The Latest in Digital Marketing & Data Analytics News 9/28

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Outside all of the madness happening on Capitol Hill blowing up my feed, I wanted to share a few good articles I came across this past week.

  1. Let’s see … out-of-home programmatic ad buying coming soon? Great, but let’s hope it doesn’t cause what my wife often tells me no to do everyday–drive while distracted. Innovation is cool until it kills someone.
  2. So Macy’s wants to embrace internal brand ambassadors as influencers. Great news. Welcome to 2018 Macy’s. We’ve been waiting for you.
  3. Domino’s and tattoos? I’ll stop there.
  4. I recently wrote about Prophet’s Brand Relevance Index study highlighting the top 50 brands in the US and Nike scored in the top 10. The recent ad campaign with Kaepernick is showing early signals that it was a smart move. We’ll see, especially as we head into the NFL season.
  5. Weight Watchers rebranded to WW. I hardly noticed and most likely wouldn’t have noticed if it wasn’t for an old colleague who emailed me about it. We both worked with Jenny Craig back in 2017 so I’m familiar with both companies. That said, the new brand is horrific. The colors, the font, the stacked “WW”. I don’t see it at all. I’m not a creative so take it for what it’s worth. Free.
  6. Just started following this guy Andy Crestodina. Really smart cat and his post about ROI and measurement is spot on. 37 data points is a lot. I can appreciate the content marketing’ish headline approach but sometimes less is more, especially when communicating these metrics to clients. Still though, I’ll be using this guide as a resource in the future.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal | Adweek | Prophet | The Atlantic | Orbit Media


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