Data Series: Researching B2B Influencers

Data Series: Researching B2B Influencers

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Below is a summary of an article I wrote for Marketing Land. In the article, I talk about 1:9:90 Model of Influence and how to use the model to segment different groups of people within the context of a specific market.

I did a quick influencer analysis on the topic of blockchain and cybersecurity. The influencer group consisted of 600 or so journalists, analysts, writers, authors, and columnists. Below is one influencer profile of Daniel Newman, a good friend of mine and Principal Analyst of Futurum Research. The purpose of profiling specific influencers is to understand their interests, motivations, characteristics and conversational patterns. 

The data above shows what’s “top of mind” for Daniel over a period of time. Having this data will help you craft a smart engagement strategy with the right pitch and content approach.

Analyzing the influencer group as a whole is also important. It’s actionable if used the right way. You can see from the below data what industries the 600+ influencers are talking and writing about. But keep this in mind–this changes all the time and is dependent on several market and business variables.

A smart influencer analysis will also look at both the branded and unbranded conversation. The branded conversation explores what influencers are saying about specific companies in the industry. The unbranded conversation are topics that are “top of mind” for the influencers related to security. Below you’ll see that 95% of their conversational volume is unbranded and represents an opportunity for brands to engage. You’ll also notice which security companies are mentioned the most by the influencer group.

Exploring the unbranded conversation in more detail shows which security-related topics that influencers are talking about the most, purely from a volume standpoint. The value in reviewing this data is that you can use the trending topics to inform social content, bylines, blog posts, executive thought leadership and so on.

A drill-down of the blockchain conversation illustrates how important this topic has become over the last 12 months, specifically among the influencer group.

I highly recommend you read the full article on Marketing Land for more details and context on how to make influencer research work for you.

I hope this quick analysis was valuable. I plan on doing these “Data Series” posts once per week in my quest to brainiac status. Help me get there.

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