Consumers Crave Relevance

Consumers Crave Relevance

Social Data & Analytics

They thirst for content that adds value to their lives; and they are hungry for real engagement. And I’m not just talking about the millennial shopper who’s in the market for a pair of bluetooth headphones. This goes for all consumers – business customers, people shopping for the best healthcare plan and the CISO looking to upgrade to the latest enterprise security tech stack. 

But it’s not easy reaching them. There’s a surplus of content. Media is fighting for mindshare. And human attention spans are at an all-time low. 

The only way to reach your audience is with stories that cause an emotional reaction, address an unmet business or consumer need or reach them at that real-time decision-making moment of truth. Google calls this the Zero Moment of Truth, or simply, ZMOT. The ZMOT refers to that precise moment in the buying process when someone researches a product prior to making a purchase.

To do this requires a combination of audience intelligence (social data + primary research), creative storytelling, targeted paid media, and rigorous integration with public relations programs. I just wrote this blog post for Twitter that explains in detail how to use data to inform:

  • content, stories, a narrative, company messaging, creative campaign, you name it
  • paid social media for Facebook and Twitter (also applies to paid search too)
  • influencer segmentation & activation using the 1:9:90 model of influence
  • media, executive and analyst relations, and just about any PR program

Let me know what you think in the comments below or hit me back on Twitter.

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Michael Brito is a digital strategist, published author, TEDx speaker, adjunct professor, and avid 49ers and Lakers fan, with over 20+ years of experience helping organizations break through the clutter and reach their audience with game-changing marketing programs.

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