Audience Intelligence Leads To Data-Driven PR Programs

Audience Intelligence Leads To Data-Driven PR Programs

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The below screenshot was a part of a presentation I did back in 2017 to a large group of B2B executives in Detroit, Michigan.

The beginning of the presentation included an analysis of IT Decision Makers (ITDMs) to get a better understanding of their conversational patterns, sharing behaviors and media consumption habits.

As a digital strategist by nature, there are several key takeaways from this data that could inform a creative idea, editorial approach and even a paid media strategy.

From a PR standpoint, there are just as many actionable takeaways.

If you take a look below, you’ll notice that this particular audience is sharing content from, specifically the article, “IT moves to open workspaces, but not everyone is happy”.

Seems pretty basic but the data tells an interesting story. At the time that this data was pulled, this audience preferred to read content from CIO, Harvard Business Review and Forbes. So the action(s) could be the following:

  • Prioritize your media relations, focusing on building relationships with the media that write specifically for, HBR and Forbes
  • Pitch a byline on the site
  • Sponsor a page on the site or buy media throughout
  • Strategic paid social, targeting followers of @cioonline, etc.

There are a few considerations with this data. It’s real-time and it changes. This week is CIO and next week it might be Dark Reading so it’s important to track audience behavior over time and keep an eye our for trends in media consumption. Doing so will help you anticipate which media your audience is spending time with the most and begin to prioritize your media relations strategy.

Below, you’ll notice the topics and interests that this audience is talking about. The data suggests that cybersecurity is still a number one concern among this audience. Makes sense given what’s happening in technology and society today.

What’s not included in the above is a conversation analysis of this audience. If you dig deeper, you can get a better understanding of the exact language and vernacular (words, phrases, hashtags) they use when referencing topics like big data, cloud security, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.

This type of intelligence is critical. It can give you the building blocks to build a narrative, inform a content strategy (bylines, blogs, releases and even social content) and help you prioritize which media you are reaching out to.

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